Not everything in life can go according to our well made plans, but we do try to provide credible, economical, and realistic proposals for every request. This is the best way to anticipate charges and budget funds for maintaining and repairing those critical power generating machines.

We provide 24/7 emergency support and service once contacted on our toll free number. We strive to adhere to a maximum "call to site" time of 4 hours. This means that if you talk to someone now and it's a critical situation, you'll see them at your location in no more than 4 hours (although we usually arrive much sooner.)

For those critical moments lots of people say "just get it done; money is no object," but we all know isn't a true statement. We need to pay our technicians the justified overtime which means we need to charge a bit more for our services at a cost of $200.00 regular and $300.00 overtime

We know you have choices of which contractor to use. During your searches and considerations, please remember that you will pay for only what you get. These machines provide an immeasurable service during the worst of times, ...but only if they work properly. Highly skilled and trained technicians will provide a superior service and a more reliable machine. We compensate our technicians upon customer satisfaction surveys, completed factory training, and years of experience. Our technicians pride themselves on being the best in the industry and value their service to the company because they are compensated for that job well done.

This is a business founded on high morals and the basic principle of respect to yourself and the customer. We are pleased to serve you and we thank you for choosing our business!